Secure Deletion of Sensitive Data

Secure Deletion of Sensitive Data

Did you know that when you delete a file, it’s not really "deleted". All that "delete" does is removes the reference of the file from the file system table. Your OS can’t find it, but the data is still there and that’s what those "file recovery" programs look for: data in blocks that the directory says aren’t in use.

If you keep business, medical, or personal financial information on disks, simple deletion isn’t enough to protect the data when disposing of the equipment. Besides identity theft, data loss may leave you or your company liable under federal laws as the files could be recovered days or even weeks later with third-party data recovery software. As long as the operating system does not reuse the space occupied by a file with another file, the “deleted” file can be recovered.

We will take your storage media and run it through a three phase deletion process that complies with the Department of Defence standard 5220.22-M for sanitization to counter data remanence to ensure your data can not be recovered.

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