Password Recovery

Password Recovery

Nowadays, safeguarding your and your clients’ personal information has become paramount. Passwords having to meet a specific complexity requirement, can’t reuse past passwords and having different passwords for nearly every single thing you access. No wonder we can’t keep track of them all. If you locked yourself out from your computer account or can’t access a file, give us a call and we’ll get you in.

Accessing files with forgotten passwords can be a time consuming process. In most cases, We’ll request the file to be emailed to us with any information that you think the password might be. For example:

Password: "BaNkInG23!"

How many charactors could your password be? Around 10
Does it contain Upper and Lower case charactors? Yes (B, N, I, G)
Does it contain Special charactors? Yes (!)
Does it contain Numeric charactors? Yes (23)
Do you use a common key word within your passwords? Yes (banking)

These will help to reduce the scope of the search and speed up the password recovery process. When the password has been recovered, the password will be emailed back to you and the original file will be deleted.

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